David and Shana Kashani are a dynamic couple with a shared passion for creating a vibrant Jewish community in the valley. As the new OU-JLIC couple of the area, they are thrilled to embark on this new journey together.David & Shanna Kashanis

David brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having served as the JLIC President at UCLA and as the Yavneh West Regional Coordinator, where he successfully established the Yavneh community on the west coast. With his expertise in community building, David is well-equipped to lead the effort to bring together Jewish college students in the valley.

Shana is equally committed to the cause and has a strong desire to connect with students on a deeper level to help them overcome challenges and achieve their goals. As a star student at JLIC of SMC and a former madricha at Baer Miriam Seminary, Shana has the necessary skills to support and inspire the valley’s Jewish students.

Together, with the help of Hashem, David and Shana are dedicated to making a positive impact and to bringing an optimal Jewish community to the valley. Their enthusiasm and dedication are sure to inspire and uplift those around them, and they are poised to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many